The IEEE allows authors of b-on institutions to deposit the accepted version of the article in the repository of their institution with a six-month embargo in the case of Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) articles and 12 months in the case of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), respecting the FCT Policy regarding the embargo periods. In the case of golden open access articles they are immediately available in open access.

The offer of 2 APCs for each contract year (2019-21) for authors of b-on institutions was negotiated in 153 titles of this publisher.


The use of the 2 free APCs per year offered by the publisher will be based on the principle “first come, first served”.

The author submits the article for publication. Upon acceptance, the author will be required to sign a copyright license and pay the APC. It is at this stage of the process that the author can choose to use the institutional funds, “deposit account” affects the b-on, to pay the APC.

If the author chooses to use the funds of the “deposit account”, the FCT will be informed that the author, belonging to one of the institutions present in the b-on, will use one of the available APC.

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