SAGE – Publishing conditions 2023

  • How to benefit from OA conditions:​
    1. Authors declare their institutional affiliation at submission;
    2. SAGE verifies author eligibility via institutional unique identifier and only by email domain where no institutional identifier match was made;
    3. The platform notifies the authors of the agreement;
    4. The authors access the SAGE Open Access Portal, accept the Open Access4 route and follow the steps.

More information about the b-on agreement available in Portugal (B-on) | SAGE Publications Ltd;

1 Members that subscribe the all for all hospital package are not included;

2 Errata, book reviews, editorials, published abstracts, call for papers, news items or similar;

3 Open Access publishing will continue to be possible in 2024;

4 If authors decline or do not respond to the offer, the articles will be published in the subscription format.