If you are a student in a Portuguese public higher education institution (universities and polytechnics) know that you have access to b-on contents. If you are a student in a private higher education institution check if your institution is a b-on member.

b-on provides access to scientific journals and e-books of some of the best content providers, through subscriptions negotiated at national level. Know which subscribed collections we have.

For the best use of the b-on’s search service please see the e-learning modules (short-term) that gives you tips and clarify you about the several types of research that can be perform.

To learn more see also the item “Good practices”. This area’s main purpose is to help you to assess your skills in searching and using scientific information, as well as help you to develop and improve the skills you already have.

If your institution is not a member of b-on, but would like to be please contact your Library.