Mission and goals

B-on’s mission

To ensure that the Portuguese academic and scientific community has access to a wide number of scientific publications and electronic services.

B-on’s goals

•    Promote electronic access to some of the major international knowledge sources;
•    Play an active and participatory role in building a Knowledge Society;
•    Encourage the consumption and production of scientific contents by the community;
•    Encourage cooperation between national academic and scientific institutions;
•    Facilitate the management of  information of the national scientific output
•    Develop key skills in managing information and knowledge;
•    Rationalize costs through a centralized negotiation with publishers and other content providers;
•    Increase visibility, accessibility and dissemination of Portuguese scientific research and academic activity, enhancing their use and impact among the national and international scientific communities;
•    To become a reference in the provision of electronic services and products that meet the needs of the various user groups;
•    Develop and provide a preservation policy in order to ensure perpetual access to the publications available to its members