Rules of use

  • The user can access, query, view, search, download, and print any text made available by b-on, as long as that is done within the activity developed in the affiliated institution, and for their personal use or that of other authorized users.
  • It is strictly prohibited the printing, downloading or any other form of reproduction or transmission of text made available by b-on, that envisions its supply to any title, persons or entities that are not authorized users.
  • The user commits to comply faithfully to the applicable legislation, namely that relative to digital criminal activity, intelectual property and industrial property rights, being entirely and solely liable in case of infraction.
  • The introduction, alteration or suppression of information made available on the website, the interference in the informatic system that supports it to cause it any perturbance or hinderance, and, in general, all behaviors that substantiate the practice of digital criminal activity, are prohibited and punishable according to the terms of the law.
  • The access to content made available by b-on is contingent on the user accepting the rules of use.
  • Access to b-on occurs from IP (internet protocol) addresses belonging to the adherent institution, that are communicated to the FCT|FCCN as usable for that access.
  • Remote access to b-on by the authorized users is possible from VPNs or proxies, and it is the responsibility of each adherent institution to implement such systems.
  • Access to b-on does not generally require any personal information from its users. However, in any eventual instance where personal information is provided, the portal operator ensures the lawfulness of treatment of data, and full compliance to the applicable legislation. This includes transparency on the reason for collecting data, and the non-treatment of data past the applicable end for which they were collected.
  • The operator of the access portal is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the portal except if resulting from intent or serious fault.