Open Access

Open Access is a publishing model for scholarly communication that makes peer reviewed academic/scientific research information available to readers at no cost.

The most considerable advantage of OA is the unrestricted access to content, as well as its fast and broad reach and impact. Free open access allows for fast diffusion of peer validated scientific results and information, pivotal in the construction of the body of knowledge in all domains, both inside and outside of academia, as well as better education and science literacy in the community.

For the 2022-2024 triennium, b-on has negotiated with most of its publishers agreements that include advantageous OA publishing conditions for b-on member affiliated authors. Details of each agreement will be made public as soon as the corresponding contracts are finalized.

The following agreements are now in place (publishing conditions for 2023):

PublisherHybrid JournalsGOA JournalsElegibility
Elsevier2038 articles-10% in APCDetails
Emerald30 artigos*30 artigos*Details
WileyQuota depletedn.a.Details
SAGEno limit-20% in APCDetails
Annual Reviewsno limitno limitDetails
IOP44 articlesn.a.Details
IEEE10 articlesn.a.Details
AIP53 articlesn.a.Details
ACS89 articlesn.a.Details
Springer1218 articlesn.a.Details
Taylor & FrancisQuota depletedn.a.Details
RSC30 articlesn.a.Details
ACMno limitno limitDetails

*Total number of articles to share among hybrid and gold open access journals