Preservation Service

Being e-only the electronic preservation of contents is essential to b-onl, since there is the need to ensure access to subscribed content in order to:
• Protect the investment by ensuring access to the contents in case of losing access;
• Ensure access to subscribed content to former members, and
• Ensure access to transferred titles.
b-on subscribed PORTICO’s preservation service
Portico ensures access to archived content when particular situations occur, or when titles are no longer available in the publisher website or when:
• The institution cancels the subscription and the publisher delegates at Portico the Post Cancelation Access;
• The publisher disappears or ceases activity,
• The title is no longer published,
• Previous editions are no longer available or
• If there is a catastrophic failure of the publisher platform.
Among the advantages of Portico we may highlighted the following:
• Libraries and publishers do not have the burden of managing and operating the archive;
• There is a large number of publishers participating in Portico;
• Files for archive provided by publishers are “normalized” to a standard file format that is being updated, ensuring thus the perpetual access;
• Support post-cancellation access (Portico ensures access after cancellation of more than 87% of electronic journals and 100% ebooks ).