Teachers & Researchers

If you work in any of the b-on member institutions, please note that you have access to the full text of thousands of academic and scientific contentes (peer review).

b-on is available to all teachers in public higher education institutions (university and polytechnic institutes) and to research professionals (researchers, physicians, …).b-on provides access to scientific journals and e-books of some of the best content providers, through subscriptions negotiated at national level. Know which subscribed collections we have.

You can access the b-on outside your institution through:
• Proxy; and
• VPN – Virtual Private Network.

The provision of such services depends solely to each member institution.

It allows you to performe searchs at home, create and manage a personal area, access to abstracts and tables of contents. If you have access via proxy or VPN you may also access the full text. You can create alerts that can help you in your professional practice.

If your institution is not a member of b-on, but you would like to be, please, contact with your Library.