ACM – Publishing conditions 2024

  • Eligibility
    • Responsible corresponding author affiliated to a b-on member institution with access to ACM 1​. Affiliation is detected from the institutional email address domain, which must be the address used at submission;
    • Article type: Interview, Note, Research Article, Review Article, Short Paper, Survey, Technical Note, Tutorial; ​
    • Article accepted for publication before December 31st 2024;​
  • Publication route
  • How to benefit from OA conditions:​
    1. At acceptance, the responsible corresponding author receives and clicks on the link to the eRights form2;
    2. The author must then review, complete and validate the manuscript related details, including the license: CC BY is pre-selected and is the recommended choice;
    3. After completion, the responsible corresponding author receives by email the confirmation and copy of the filled eRights form.

1 Members that subscribe the all for all hospital package are not included;

2 The corresponding author must use the institutional email address when submitting a manuscript, otherwise the article is not deemed eligible nor the correct eRights form is prompted for filling out;