Research topic

Research topic

In the beginning of a search it’s necessary to choose the topic you want to search. Sometimes you choose  “big topics” because you  think they are easier …
But some topics are VERY big…

Global warming or eating disorders or violence…
Problems with BIG topics:

•    You can’t  properly cover it in a small paper
•    You will find too much information
•    You can’t  search or write about a topic that you don’t clearly delimit

Ask What? Who? Where? When? How?

To limit your topic you should focus on:
• a single subject
• a specific group
• a specific period of time
•    A single cause and effect
•    A single argument or point of view

There are of course issues that are very specific, making it difficult to perform a search.:
If the issue is very limited you’ ll have difficulty finding the information

Blind fish feeding in the Mira d’Aire caves or the chromatic influence during pregnancy

If your topic is too specific  try to extend it a bit, making it more general.
However, be careful so as not to make it too general and comprehensive.
The definition of a search issue involves the choice of keywords, sometimes the most difficult part of the research process.
See item keywords